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Pharma Conference Inc Continuing Education programs are more than just interesting lectures. They are "events" in the true sense of the word. Since 1995, we've built a reputation for providing the highest quality continuing education programs in the pharmaceutical, blood banking, and cellular and tissue industries. We seek out the best speakers – recognized experts in their areas of specialization – to make sure that you take back the most relevant and timely information to your organization. And best of all, our programs start on time and run on schedule according to the agenda, provide the content advertised, and in many cases provide even more than is advertised.

Pharma Conference Inc also partners regularly with FDA to produce programs and conferences of immediate and urgent interest to Industry.

  • Everything we do is high quality and professional.
  • We provide first class programs and conferences at a fair price.
  • We produce fully detailed, attractive brochures and mail them to prospective participants.
  • We handle all on-site arrangements, such as audio visual, catering, special events,
    registration, etc.
  • We provide a streamlined, simple registration process.
  • We actively seek conference attendees' suggestions and comments, then use them to further enhance the conference experience.

For more detailed information contact us.