Pharma Conference Inc produces continuing education programs for the Pharmaceutical, Blood and Cellular/Tissue industries in the United States and around the world.

Pharma Conference Inc is one of the nation's top producers of scientific and GMP continuing education programs for the Pharmaceutical, Blood and Tissue industries, both domestically and internationally. Our conferences and programs are fully accredited ACPE Continuing Education events through our educational partner, the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education (NIPTE, Inc.). Currently, the University of Maryland College of Pharmacy, a NIPTE member, provides the ACPE certification for our conferences. NIPTE is a not-for-profit cooperative consisting of some of the top universities in the nation who are dedicated to fundamental research and education in pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing.

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Pharma Conference Inc also partners regularly with FDA to produce programs and conferences of immediate and urgent interest to Industry.

  • Everything we do is high quality and professional.
  • We provide first class programs and conferences at a fair price.
  • We produce fully detailed, attractive brochures and mail them to prospective participants.
  • We handle all on-site arrangements, such as audio visual, catering, special events, registration, etc.
  • We provide a streamlined, simple registration process.
  • We actively seek conference attendees' suggestions and comments, then use them to further enhance the conference experience.

And best of all, Pharma Conference Inc programs start on time and run on schedule according to the agenda, provide the content advertised, and in many cases provide even more than is advertised.

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